Bariatric Surgery

Dimagra Bariatric

Helping to prepare your clients for bariatric surgery.

Multicentre observational studies performed in the clinical field showed the effectiveness of the dietary treatment in obese patients, even as a therapy during the preoperative period of bariatric surgery. It has proved effective with regard to:
  • Rapid weight loss (8 – 10% of the starting weight)
  • Reduction of hepatic steatosis
  • Reduction in hepatic left lobe volume
  • Reduction of periesophageal fat
  • Reduction of visceral fat, in particular, omental and mesenteric fat
  • Patient compliance attainment
  • Reduction in neck circumference and OSAS number


Unlike low-calories diets, Dimagra® promotes a rapid and significant reduction of the circumference, especially around waist and hips and in the buttocks and thigh areas.

Absence of hunger

Quick results

Loss of fat mass

Muscle maintenance

Easy to use

Nutritional quality

Pleasant taste

This kit contains:

Dimagra Proteins

Which contributes to the growth and maintenance of the muscle mass

Dimagra Dren

Designed to rebalance fluids in tissues.

Dimagra® Xalifom®

Which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and promotes normal muscle function.

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