About Us

Innovation & Research at the heart of everything we do

Committed to the constant and meticulous research of high-level technology

We’re specialists in medical devices and services within aesthetic medicine, bariatric surgery and weight loss. Working with clients across the U.K and Ireland, we offer an impressive portfolio of both new and established products, in this fast-paced and exciting market.

At Medical-Up, we genuinely believe in quality and innovation and are proud to offer our clients only the most inventive, cutting-edge portfolio of products.

We prioritise delivering world-class customer experience and satisfaction, offering high-level technical and clinical assistance, combined with professional and efficient sales support.

Innovation is key in every aspect of our portfolio.

Our goal is to provide our clients with clinically proven, groundbreaking products in the aesthetic medicine, weight loss and bariatric surgery fields. We believe passionately in constant and meticulous research of high-level technology.