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Dimagra Aesthetic

A simple and effective diet for those who want to get back in shape

Our partnership with PromoPharma allows us to bring the amazing Dimagra to the U.K and Irish market.

Dimagra is a ketogenic diet, providing both intensive and maintenance steps to a low-carb lifestyle whilst safely tackling harmful of fats in the abdomen. Unlike alternative low-calories diets, Dimagra® promotes a rapid and significant reduction of the circumference, especially around waist and hips and in the buttocks and thigh areas.

Benefits of

Absence of hunger

Quick results

Loss of fat mass

Muscle maintenance

Easy to use

Nutritional quality

Pleasant taste

This kit contains:

Dimagra Proteins

Which contributes to the growth and maintenance of the muscle mass

Dimagra Dren

Designed to rebalance fluids in tissues.

Dimagra® Xalifom®

Which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and promotes normal muscle function.

Dimagra Method

Triple action slimming method.

The Dimagra® method includes food supplements for weight control. Dimagra® products are formulated with the utmost attention to nutritional quality for effective and lasting results.

The daily ration of Dimagra® (Intensive Steps) consists of an intake of a specific amount of proteins, almost complete elimination of carbohydrates (about 21 g daily) and a reduced intake of lipids. With this kind of diet, the body rapidly depletes the available glucose, reducing glycaemia: the immediate consequence is a decreased secretion of insulin. It then uses the liver glycogen that is converted into glucose. When these reserves are exhausted (approximately after 12-24 hours) the steady intake of high biological value proteins leads to the activation of the Liver Gluconeogenesis: glucose production from non – carbohydrate precursors (e.g. amino acids and lipolysis). Thus ketogenesis is activated: the organism uses ketone bodies, produced by the increased metabolism of fatty acids, in place of glucose.

The daily ration of Dimagra® (maintenance step) consists of the intake of a specific amount of protein, the reintroduction of low-GI carbohydrates and a reduced intake of lipids. The metabolism is rebalanced also through the increased daily ration of calories. The protein supplement for breakfast has an anti-hunger and anti-asthenic effect as it significantly stimulates – more than any other protein – the synthesis of the hormones that increase the sense of satiety while depressing the synthesis of ghrelin that stimulates the sense of hunger. Also important is the action of the tryptophan, precursor to serotonin and to chromium modulator of glucose metabolism.

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